Just because you have a great website, this doesn’t automatically mean that people are going to flock to your site to see what your business or organization has to offer. A high ranking within search engine results is the key to actually getting the traffic you want on your website. Search Engine Optimization can be confusing, but don’t worry – our SEO strategies will give you a continued and long-lasting impact on your website traffic.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is also known as Google ranking. Your website should bring you business – you shouldn’t have to send business to your site – and SEO makes that possible. We offer a multi-step approach to optimized SEO.

At Marsna Design, we consider SEO to be a 3-tiered approach:

1.  Built-In SEO – Built-In SEO is included for free when you choose Marsna to design your website. This means that your website will use all of the proper tags and titles so that it will display properly in Google searches.

2.  On-Site SEO …AKA regularly-posted blogs! This is an element of SEO that you can do yourself, for free.

3.  Off-Site SEO – Marsna Design offers Off-Site SEO services to anyone and everyone, even if we did not build your website.

Read on to learn more about each type of SEO!


Built-In SEO

Our built-in SEO services include two main elements:

  • Title and Meta Tag Optimization
  • Customized Content

Basically, this means that we optimize each page with appropriate title and meta tags. This ensures that search engines will read each of your pages properly.

Our built-in SEO includes incorporating the most appropriate keywords for your business within your website’s titles and descriptions. These keywords are based off of well-written content about your business, which we recommend our clients provide themselves – after all, no one can write about your business as well as you can!

On-Site SEO

To make the most of your On-Site SEO options, we recommend that you publish blog posts on your website.  (This is also called “content marketing” and we will discuss this term more in-depth in a future blog post).

Content marketing is something that you can do yourself! These blog posts should be custom-written for your business and geared toward your target audience. This content:

  • is written by you and your team.
  • includes your preferred SEO keywords, which should be chosen to fit your specific brand.
  • could include posts featuring members of your team or topics of special interest to you.

Off-Site SEO

We also use a multi-step approach to off-site SEO, which yields fantastic results when paired with effective on-site SEO.

We use a carefully researched, well-thought-out link building system for off-site SEO. In layman’s terms, these links are built using the same structure that occurs organically when something goes viral online. We write custom content for you (making sure to include your keywords and information that’s relevant to your business, of course!), post this content online, and make sure to link this contact back to your own site.

Rather than aggressively spamming the internet with this content, we create and share it in such a way that it naturally, safely and quickly builds your online credibility and popularity. This pushes your site higher and higher on search engine results, and combined with effective on-site SEO, you’re guaranteed to see the results of our approach!

Feel free to contact us about any SEO questions you may have!