Are You Responsive? Responsive Website Design

Are You Responsive? Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design. What is it and why do you need it? With the majority of website viewers now using smartphones and tablets, websites need to be designed responsively. This means that the website adjusts and realigns automatically to fit the screen in the...

Christmas Party Invite

Christmas Party Invite

It's always a lot of fun to work with local businesses. It's even more fun to see our work printed and ready to be sent out. We put together this Christmas Open House invite for Periwinkle in Cartersville, GA. We are quite pleased with how it turned out.

Some of the Best SEO is Content Marketing

Previously we've discussed On-Site SEO (AKA regularly-posted blogs) as an element of SEO that you can do yourself, for free. If you recall from last time, we mentioned that On-Site utilizes Content Marketing. Content marketing is building your brand, products and...

All About Our SEO Approach

Just because you have a great website, this doesn’t automatically mean that people are going to flock to your site to see what your business or organization has to offer. A high ranking within search engine results is the key to actually getting the traffic you want...

Why You Should Use Content Marketing

I know we go on and on about how important Content Marketing is for your website to really grow and convert visitors to customers. So here is an infographic that really lays out the numbers. What really sticks out to me is that 70% of consumers prefer getting to know...

Why Every Business Should Blog

We found this info-graphic on one of our favorite SEO blogs. It really breaks down why and proves the point that every business should be blogging to leverage website traffic and bring in more business. The two main points that really stuck out there were that...

Tips to Get Started Blogging Your Business

Blogging isn't just a way to tell your friends what you're planning to do this weekend. It has turned into a powerful tool to leverage your business on the internet. Just talking about what you do with your business can actually get you more business. Keep it informal...

Getting Started with SEO

Having a well optimized website that is consistently being used with marketing and SEO campaigns that target your customer or client is the best way to make your business succeed online. This really sounds like a lot of tech talk mixed with some smoke and mirrors. But...

Growing Marsna Design

It's usually a good sign when there is too much work to be able to keep up with your own projects. Well, that is how we've been lately with Marsna - and we love it! Now we're back and ready to rock. Online Marketing Solutions There are a few new things happening at...


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