Search Engine Optimization

With branding and a website in place, you need to bring in the traffic with a well planned and strategic Search Engine Optimization campaign.

Effective Search Engine Optimization

Having a great website just isn’t enough to bring in new clients and customers to your business from the search engines. What will set you apart from your competition in search results is a well planned Search Engine Optimization campaign. Our methods of increasing rank in Google are extremely effective. The approach we have takes a look at the big picture of your business. It isn’t about just ranking for your business name and one or two search terms. We research and target what people are actually searching for to find what your business offers to bring you better rankings, a more diverse way for people to find you and ultimately a lot more business.

Here’s how it works.

Built-In SEO

Built-In SEO is done by designing and developing your website in a very specific way to be attractive to the search engines. This specifically means that your website is light on the coding, loads quickly, is easy to navigate for your viewers and is built on a responsive platform to make sure that everything looks great on any device.

Don’t have a website? We’d love to design one for you! Learn more about website design here.

On-Site SEO

Once you have a website that is built correctly, it is time to optimize the content within the website. We go through each page to make sure that the text is relevant to the product or service being offered, write title and meta descriptions with the correct keyword phrasing, add in any call to actions and set up a blog within the website so you can easily keep your customers aware of new products while showing Google that the site is active and being kept up to date.

Off-Site SEO

Now that everything within your website is set up correctly, it is time to develop on ongoing Search Engine Optimization plan that will increase your ranking in the Google search results. This is where things get good.

We use a carefully researched, well-thought-out link building system for off-site SEO.  In layman’s terms, these links are built using the same structure that occurs organically when something goes viral online.  We write custom content for you (making sure to include your keywords and information that’s relevant to your business, of course!), post this content online, and make sure to link this contact back to your own site.

Rather than aggressively spamming the internet with this content, we create and share it in such a way that it naturally, safely and quickly builds your online credibility and popularity.  This pushes your site higher and higher on search engine results, and combined with effective on-site SEO, you’re guaranteed to see the results of our approach!


Marsna Design has ranked many websites using this three part strategy. Our clients see their sales numbers increase as their website climbs higher and higher on Google. Contact us to get started increasing your search result positions and grow your business!


Establishing your brand is the first step toward building a name that customers will recognize and trust.

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With branding and a website in place, you need to bring in the traffic with a solid Search Engine Optimization campaign.

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