Previously we’ve discussed On-Site SEO (AKA regularly-posted blogs) as an element of SEO that you can do yourself, for free.

If you recall from last time, we mentioned that On-Site utilizes Content Marketing. Content marketing is building your brand, products and services through educating the consumer about what you do and what you can offer them. But why is Content Marketing so effective?

  • Information Age:  Consumers are more aware and informed than ever. Before they buy, they often look for information.
  • Saves Time:  When you educate your audience using content, it reduces the time you spend explaining your product or service.
  • Cost Effective:  Content Marketing is a low-cost strategy that has a long shelf life. Your efforts will continue to pay off in the long term, too.
  • Showcase Expertise:  Publishing relevant, accurate content helps support your position as an expert in your field.

These are just a few reasons why Content Marketing is a great choice for your website!

And as a refresher, here is some more info about why we recommend Content Marketing:

To make the most of your On-Site SEO options, we recommend that you publish blog posts on your website.  Content marketing is something that you can do yourself! These blog posts should be custom-written for your business and geared toward your target audience. This content:

  • is written by you and your team.
  • includes your preferred SEO keywords, which should be chosen to fit your specific brand.
  • could include posts featuring members of your team or topics of special interest to you.

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