Blogging isn’t just a way to tell your friends what you’re planning to do this weekend. It has turned into a powerful tool to leverage your business on the internet. Just talking about what you do with your business can actually get you more business.

Keep it informal and conversational.

People tend to stay engaged in conversations. I know I do. So just talk to your readers like you’re talking to someone sitting right in front of you.

It is a lot easier to read and engage in something conversational than it is to read an article full of industry jargon. I know I don’t have the time or attention span to sit there trying to figure out what the author of the blog is trying to say.

So go for something friendly and quick to read.

Create value for your readers.

There is a reason people are coming to your blog. They are looking for help or information. You need to write content that identifies and specific topic or problem. Then you can be the hero and give the solution!

I get excited when I find an article that gives answers to something I’ve been researching. I get even more excited when I find it easily.

Creating blogs that are full of useful content gives your readers a reason to come back for more. But it also searches well so people can find you easier.

But let’s take this a step further.

Engage with comments and emails.

This can really seal the deal with a reader. You should take the time to answer questions that your readers have. When you receive a comment on your blog, follow up quickly. Let them know you care!

You will also get emails about your blogs. If you offer a solution or great information, people will ask you more questions. Make the most of this opportunity.

Take the comments and emails and turn them around into more blog posts. How easy is that? You are getting ideas for more content straight from the people reading it!

Stay social.

You should be connected with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. You should also be sharing the links to your blog posts on these networks. And you should be encouraging others to join the conversation on your blog.

By getting involved in social media, you can use your existing network of people to showcase your blog.

Not everyone will click the link and ready your post. But some will. And they will find value in what you are writing about.


It isn’t hard to get started blogging for your business. Since you are running the business, it should be safe to say that you know what you’re doing. You are an authority on your industry. People will listen to what you have to say.

So go ahead and get yourself out there. Become the leader in your industry by starting your business blog.